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How to find guns

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How to find guns

Written by ItalionStallion aka WholeDamnShow

The obvious and best place to go is garage sales. You may have to go to 4 or 5 before you even get one. Its kind of like a win or lose sitiuation. When you notice a gun that's overpriced, try negotiate the price by pointing out errors like "it only has one dart" and its missing an ammo holder". Those points with a bit of lieing can get you the guns you want at a very cheap price. During the summer there are tons of garage sales resulting in a large amount of guns. For example if i went to a garage sale in the summer and saw an eagle eye for 7 but I did not want to spend that much I would probably hold onto that 7 bucks. There may be other garage sales with other, better guns. But during the winter and fall seasons this is the exact opposite, you need to buy any gun whenever you see one.

Now a easier but just as good way to find used guns is to ask kids who live around you. They might have some gun that they have in their basement for years that they would just love to get a few bucks for. If they have numerous guns offer a smaller amount on the lot. Offer alot less than what the gun is worth.If they say that they dont want to sell it at your price, tell them that its positave money in their pocket and its getting something out of their basement. Another cheap way to get guns is to try and negotiate a Trade. Ask the person if they have any hobbies or if they are looking for anything in particular. Usually he sides will switch and they will be the one trying to convince you to trade. This is the perfect place to be in, you now have the power to negotiate the price at your will.
Yet another way is to check Toy liquidators/KB toys and flea markets. There is no real startegy on these its just sometimes you get lucky and sometimes you dont.

Now on to Pawn Shops, thrift stores and Good Will stores. These are similar to the one above, only sometimes you can negotiate a cheaper deal. If the gun is odler tell them that its an old gun and its not in very good condition. In most cases the people wont care since they just want to get rid of the item. In many cases the person may be un-aware, try to haggle the price until its extremley low.
There you have it, thats how i have become one of the most succesful nerf collectors and traders on the net. As i said, take any oppotunity thats avaliable.