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Nerf World Order

Manta Ray

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Manta Ray


Introduction to gun: The manta ray is a one of a kind gun. Its the only gun to incorporate a shield (well the armor shot doesnt count) and is the only gun that is able to fire 4 darts at once. This is arguably one of nerfs best designs ever.
Appearence: Right when you look at this gun the color totally sets it off. The perfect blend of black stripes and turquoise color is perfect. This gun actually looks like a manta ray and is actually good. Thats something the entire Max Force 2112 series couldnt do. 10/10
Ammo oholster/capacity: This gun can hold 4 darts at once. One of the flaws of this gun is that there is nowhere else to hold extra darts. 4/10
Gimmick/Design: The design of this gun is great, they made it look like an actual manta ray while the gun actually being good. One problem with the gun though is that the cocking handles are easily breakable. 8/10
Accuracy: This gun isnt very accurate, but for a 4 shot gun it does the job. 7/10
Performance: Range is pretty good considering the fact that it fires 4 darts. Range is slightly the same whehter you fire 2 or 4 darts. The ROF on this gun isnt bad because you dont have to deal with those annoying poles. 8/10
Usefullness: This gun is all around a solid gun. The big thing about this gun is that the shield is legal, this makes it easier to charge and to re-load. 8/10
Overall: Up and down this gun has got a great package. Combine the sleek, cool look with the above average range and you've got a pretty good gun. 8/10

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