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Nerf World Order

Vortex Firestorm

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Vortex Firestorm


Introduction to gun: I longed for this gun for a long time. I had heared many great things of its performance. I was not let down...
Appearence: This gun has a very ugly orange paintjob. The bulk and look of the rotating barells make up for the goofy color scheme. 4/10
Ammo holster/capacity: This gun can hold 6 rings which is more than enough for a sniper. The rings are semi hard to load in and your always one ring short though. 6/10
Gimmick/Design: This gun has a great design. The whole makeup of the gun is nearley flawless. The whole cocking style adds a realness factor to the gun. 9/10
Accuracy: Much like its brother gun the Tornado, the Firestorm is dead on accurate for the entire shot. 10/10
Performance: This gun gets great ranges of around 60-70. That is more than plenty for a semi-automatic 6 shot gun. 10/10
Usefullness: This gun gets amazing range and has 6 shots for a sniper! Even when you factor in the vortex rings this gun is still very good for nerf wars. 8/10
Overall: This is a great gun, Koosh/Vortex did a phenomenal job of putting this gun together. Its very hard to say something bad about this baby. 10/10

Koosh Vortex Rings