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Nerf World Order

Motorized Ballzooka

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Motorized Ballzooka


Introduction to gun: This baby is the heaviest, most expensive and largest gun Nerf has ever made. I had alot of expectations for this baby considering the fact that it was the sequel to the great Ballzooka.
Appearence: This huge, bulky thing does have alot of intimidation to it. Its huge, futuristic looking and very intimidating. 7/10
Ammo holster/capacity: This baby can hold 20 balls, 5 more than the original ballzooka. No real need for an ammo holster on this gun. 8/10
Gimmick/Design: This thing is supposed to be able to fire a ton of balls in a matter of seconds. It does that very well, but the range isnt very good. The strap is also a needed addition to this baby. 8/10
Accuracy: There is none, there has yet to be a ball gun that can hit a target from more than 7ft away. 3/10
Performance: Range is pathetic, under 15ft almost always. The machine does its job though as this gun does fire pretty damn fast. 6/10
Usefullness: This gun isnt very usefull in a real nerf war. Its extremley loud and gets pathetic ranges and accuracy. But this thing is very fun so if your looking to have a good time, choose this baby. 7/10
Overall: This gun should not be used in a serious nerf war. It is a VERY fun gun to play around with. One of a kind gun so you cant go wrong here. 7/10

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