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Nerf World Order

Old News

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02/17/06: Finally got around to updating the site. Nerf sales are still trucking along as usual. I edited the Noodle Bombs tutorial slightly and altered the Clan Arsenal thing . I've been adding pictures of guns in their boxes here and then as well. As I always say the Marketplace is updated every time i get a new gun. I'd really like to finish almost everything up within the next few months. I updated the poll! Obviously it was MORE than outdated and pretty stupid. I'm suprised I left it there that long. Anyway, THANKS FOR LOOKING and KEEP NERFING

08/11/04: Since football season is over i now have time to update this site much more often. Expect a Lock and Load mod tutorial aswell as  several new gun reviews (Airtech 2000 is already up). I should have the entire reviews section fully completed by January 1, 2005. In other news the big planned war is still on but nothing has been settled yet. AIM me at tman89544 or Timerwolf at TimberwolfCY. Or you could send me an email at: As you all know i am a big pro wrestling fan. There is a new company around that is really tearing it up. If you like athletic, crazy jet-li like stuff check TNA wrestling out. See yea later! 

08/12/04: The massive updates are done. I got the Ultimator Noodle tutorial up and added a TON of reviews. I also cleaned up a bit. This should be the last major update until winter break or when Football ends. Good news as well, Timberwolf is looking to have a major Kansas/Missouri war over winter break. Im looking forward to this because i haven't been in a big war in a LONG time and i missed the last major one (Big Bobs). Im looking forward to a decent turnout, and if you'd like to come contact me at See yea later!
07/23/04- I am currentley in the process of adding a TON of reviews to our review section. I just finished edditing some old ones. As usual i added some Gun boxes and Guns in the Marketplace.  As well as all that i should be having the Ultimator Noodle tutorial up FINNALY by the end of the weel. See yea later.
03/27/04-Great new people, we now have a new and well respected member of Nerf World Order. His name is...Nerf King! He will be adding all new gun modifications and articles. Congratulations Nerf King!!
02/22/04- I dont know why I am doing an update, but i guess i should. I have been adding alot of our custom guns and or clan pictures. thats about all i can add until school ends or until i have a long break. Once summer hits you should expect all new mods, pics for the lightsaber rings and ultimator noodles and more reviews. And we hit 300 hits which is really a cool think for me, we should be getting 400 soon. See ya later!
01/17/04-First update for the New year. Good new and bad news. First the bad news, it looks like whats left of KCNO is falling apart. Most of the members have either sold em their guns or just quit nerf. I still do occasionally war with my brother (big poppa powerclip) and my friend. Now for the good news, i finally got a Digi cam so i can now take pics and short videos. Expect a short video soon. I got a bunch of pics which should be in the works, I also am working on a bunch of mods and homemades. See ya on the forums.
11/26/03-Yes this is an update and your not dreaming. I am planing on making huge update, that will include our pics, reviews, a few mods, other stuff. That update is planned for mid december.Hope you all will enjoy it! Be sure to check the marketplace! Peace.
08/14/03-OK, ok i know there havent been alot of updates in a while and i am very sorry about that. But i have football for the next 3 and a half months. I likley wont update this site at all until late november or december. But i assure you all i will just about complete the site by March 2004.You never know what my other clan members will do though. Well as for updates, i added black scouts reviews, which is a hella lot. I's like to adress a few things not related to NWO now. Thank you Andy and team NC. Even though i have only been there for about a year i have enjoyed NC. I was amazed it lasted this long, but i am glad it did, farwell Nerf Center.As you all know I am an Administrator on the gravity nerf  forums.If I was you I would check it out, its got comics, user submitted stuff and friendly people. Check it out at Later days folks.
07/06/03-Added an article today. "How to find old guns" you should check it out. Guns in boxes have been added as usual, and a few reviews will be added soon.
06/04/03-Reviews, guns in boxes and cleanups have been done to the site. Nearly every day we are adding a little bit of new content. The Market Place is launching and helping me to get you the guns you want. The pics are in development. Keep here because soon we will be finished.
5/10/03-Guns in boxes added; I added the Lighsaber rings blueprints, plus the Hidden Shot review. Black Scout is going to add some mods and stuff soon, so come back.
4/20/03-I added the first review of the tornado. Plus the clan is going to start adding content soon. Check back here often because content will be added daily.
3/29/03-Well I finished alot of stuff. Plus I released it to the public. Keep here, I'll be updating alot.

2/11/03 - I created this page today.