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Nerf World Order

SuperMAXX 1000 Larami Edition

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SuperMAXX 1000 Larami Edition


Introduction to gun: This gun is apart of the rare Larami series. Waay back when this was Laramies best gun. To this day this baby is still one of the most complete guns out there.
Appearence: This gun doesn't look to great. At first I thought it was a Super Soaker. It does indeed look alot like one. like Nerf, Larami like annoying, bright colors. 5/10
Ammo holster/capacity: This thing can fire 6 darts in semi-automatic fassion. It doesnt have an ammo holster, but with 6 darts its not necesarily necessary. heh. 7/10
Gimmick/Design: This gun was designed very great way back when. The automatic rotating barell is really cool. Im sure this thing is extremley complicated when its opened up. The only complaint i have about this is that it is sometimes hard to load the darts in the barell. 7/10
Accuracy: This gun is pretty accurate. Thats mainly because the dart is guided out of the barell. Thats the most important part for the trejectory of the dart. 8/10
Performance: This gun gets good ranges considering how long ago it was made. This gun also doesn't leak to often for a pump gun. 8/10
Usefullness: To this day this gun is very handy in a war. Its a great sniper rifle and has 6 shots. Because of its accuracy and speed of fire this gun is great outdoors and indoors. 8/10
Overall: Larami did a great job. Back them they were in serious competition with Nerf and this gun was a great statement for them. 8/10

Larami (SuperMAXX) darts