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Introduction to gun: This gun was apart of the Airjet series so i expected alot out of it. It looked pretty decent atleast..
Appearence: The clear Blue and yellow color scheme don't look too bad. The shape of the gun isnt bad either. 7/10
Ammo holster/capacity: The Fastblast shoots 5 darts one by one. Much like the lightning blitz it ahs no ammo holsters. This is one of many bad things about this gun. 5/10
Gimmick/Design: The fastblast shoots 5 darts 1 by 1. The idea isnt all that bad but the performance is what really makes this bad.The handle is also VERY unstable, that just translates to everything being bad. 7/10
Accuracy: This gun has terrible accuracy. All of the previous Airjet guns had decent accuracy, but this one did not. Even from close ranges it was hard for this thing to hit aything. 4/10
Performance: Range isn't bad, but should be better. Most manual guns get pretty good ranges for their size. This certian gun gets poor ranges and is relativley large and more heavy. 4/10
Usefullness: Not bad for a holdout gun, but there are much better ones. Due to this guns failure to get ranges and accuracy the usefullness of this gun goes waay down. 5/10
Overall: Nerf took a step back here as it released a manual firing gun in what was supposed to be their most complex series. Not a bad gun if your having a stock war, but in a serious was this thing isn't your best bet. 5/10

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