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Nerf World Order

Just Toys Crossbow

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Just Toys Crossbow


Introduction to gun: Its NOT the Crossbow. This gun is just some another gun in The Just Toys line. Don't expect much out of this gun.
Appearence: The red, black and yellow do tie in together. The whole shape of this gun is horrible though. 4/10
Ammo holster/Capcity: Once again this shot the rare micro missiles. Its got 1 shot and 2 spots for extra ammo. Not bad for a pocket sized blaster.  6/10
Gimmick/Design: This gun is actually designed pretty well. The large black bow piece in the front is how you cock it. And it shoots out the top. Thats not bad but they still could have done better with the shell.You can ajust the bungee cord to make the gun stronger or weaker. 6/10
Accuracy: Unlike the Bow And Arrow this gun gets decent accuracy. For its minimal range the accuracy is decent. 5/10
Performance: Range is pretty bad on this thing. Im sure its got a really weak spring and plunger. 4/10
Usefullness: Due to the ugly design of the shell the gun its ideal for mounting ontop of a bigger gun. If you want it as a pocket blaster its too bulky and weired. 5/10
Overall: This gun is just another non-nerf gun. Nothing special though. If you want to mount this ontop of another gun or if you'd want to just get it as a collectors item go for it. 6/10

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