Nerf World Order

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Nerf World Order
Kansas Nerf Clan


Welcome to Nerf World Order! We are the premier Midwest Nerf clan.
We have six original members and are growing rapidly. Enjoy the site, and nerf on!

I'll update this site frequently, so make sure to check back.

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08/21/06: Hello everyone! A strange thing happent the other day,. my friend and clanmate stumbeled upon this site in a search engine and emailed me. Jason (his name, will have a forum name soon) was interested in starting back up nerfing and doing this site. Thats why you have seen a few minor changes around here (color changes, fixed spelling errors, etc). He should be completley overhauling the clan info page soon. Plus, pictures of his infamous "Bow" (a Bow and Arrow and Triple torch merged into one, plus some crazy stuff that will really open you're eyes). The MarketPlace is rocking and rolling as usual. See you on the forums!!

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