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Nerf World Order


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Site credits
Writers/Contributors: Black Scout, Big Poppa Powerclip, ItalionStallion, NerfKing, Dan Wask
Creator/Owner: ItalionStallion aka WholeDamnShow
Editor: Jason

Some pictured are courtesy of Nerf Center, Thanks Andy.

Nerf World Order History
Nerf World Order was created in the summer of  2002 by ItalionStallion. Later that summer he asked the KCNO members if they wanted to join. Only a few were interested. They were Black Scout and a few others. ItalionStallion's brother Big Poppa Powerclip also joined, and so did his best friend Silent Bob. NWO was on its way. In the fall of that year, ItalionStallion created the first website all by himself. It was launched in November. Later in January of 2003, he launched this site, the current NWO clan website. As NWO looks to the future they see it shining brighter than ever. We also look back at our past and reflect on what it has been.