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Nerf World Order


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Homemade Dart (stefan)

This is a homemade Nerf dart. It is made out of 1/2 inch foam backer rod, hot glue and BBs(or fishing weights). It is not a Stephan or Stefen, it is a STEFAN. The name came from a Canadian dude named Stefan (duh). These darts are very good, easily eclipsing the distance of darts made by Nerf. With the ability to be shoved down a barrel(as they do not have a suction tip like standard darts), Stefans are the most effective. Some guns require a slightly different type of Stefan such as the Zero Dart and Uber dart. Here is how you make them. 

Micro Dart

This is a micro dart, also called airjet micro and rip rocket. These are the basic Nerf ammunition found in most Nerf guns. They get decent range and are very accurate. They have come in tons of different colors. To name them all would take a while, but what the heck, I will. Yellow and purple suction, yellow and purple whistler, red and black suction, red and black whistler, yellow and pink suction, yellow and orange suction, green and pink suction, and black and glow-in-the-dark-suction.

Larami (SuperMAXX) Darts

This is a Larami or SuperMAXXXX dart. These are the best stock darts by far. Achieving the greatest range, and best accuracy. They are about the size of a micro dart but are wider and the hole is slightly bigger. Never lose one of these, as they are very rare and valuable. They come in the following colors, green and pink suction, yellow and pink suction, black and red suction.

Mega Dart

This is a mega dart. The second most common type of nerf ammunition.They were mainly in the max force series.The darts dont travel nearly as far as the micro dart, plus the accuracy isn't as good. Bsically it s a large version of the nerf micro.Here are the colors of the darts. Yellow and purple suction. yellow and purple whistler, yellow and black suction,orange and black suction,blue and orange suction, there are a few other rare ones.



This is a missile. These were used in the earlier guns such as the Misslestorm and the NB-1. The missile has recently been brought back. The missle is the mirror image of an arrow, but its more inaccurate and shorter. The missile is also the most inaccurate type of Nerf ammunition. It comes in the following colors, yellow with black wings, yellow with orange and blue camo wings, yellow with black and yellow camo wings, black with yellow wings.

Ballista (Mattel) Missile

This is a Mattel Missile or a Balista. This type of foam ammunition is the most powerful and devestating type of ammo.These are so strong they can even knock objects down on the battle field. Unfortunatley only 3 guns used this type of ammo, the Ultimator, Monster XXL MonsterBazooka and the Maximizer. These are very rare, fortunatley I have created a way to make them. Here is how you make them.The Missile comes in black with red tip and yellow and purple camo wings and black with red tip and purple and black camo wings. The Bazooka ones have green tips with blue bodys and green wings.

Koosh Vortex Rings

This is a Vortex Ring. Made strictly for Vortex guns. These achieve the greatest out of any stock dart. To add to that they are dead on accurate. The way they are shot is incredably dinamic as well.What happens is the ring is put on a barrel type thing and when it shoots of the force stays with the ring thus shooting it out.I have created a way to make them out of old Lightsabers, here is how you make them. Rings come in 2 colors, red and yellow.

Ballistic Balls

This is a Ballistic Ball. It was the first ever type of nerf ammuntion made. The Ballistic Ball is the most inacurate type of foam ammuntion.Plus it get the worst range. But ball weapons aren't all that bad. Since ball guns are one of the biggest type of ammo with only a few shots you can hit a person. To add to this they can be used as grenades.Do not underestimate the power of a Ball. Balls come in the following colors. Yellow, Orange, Purple, Green, Plastic Yellow, Plastic Orange


This is a disc. This type of amo is used in disc launchers. They have very poor range and can be carried off target by winds. They are good for indoor wars but nothing else. Try to avoid this type of amo at all costs. We are all lucky that nerf only produced a couple of guns that shoot this type of amo. Disks come in the following colors blue, yellow, orange, and green.