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Here is the list of guns and stuff that i have for sale. This list is updated almost daily, so check back often. If you are interested in a gun, want something else or have a gun or part that I need please email me at I advise you to have this bookmarked as this is a very popular and useful page. Remeber, EVERYTHING IS NEGOTIABLE! Feel free to contact me any time of the day!

Guns/Stuff I am selling:

1. Monster XXL Bazooka (w/box)- $40.00
2. Big Bad Bow (old style, pvc modded)- $36.00
3. ArrowStorm w/5 arrows- $35.00
4. Bow and Arrow w/3 arrows- $30.00
5. Eagle Eye w/2 mega darts- $15.00
6. Old Style Nite Finder (PETG modded, wbox)- $15.00
7. 2 NB-1's- $5.00 each
8. Just Toys Micro Shot- $3.00
9. Just Toys Bow And Arrow- $2.00
10. Just Toys Crossbow- $2.00
11. Just Toys Knuckle Shots(several parts removed)- $.25


Raven Nexxion paintball gun, gentley used! Includes PMI case, Scott mask, 20 Oz CO2 tank, Quantum viewloader, barell plug. Everything is in tremendous shape! $400+s/h

Guns/Stuff I need:
1. Ultimator(s)- Will only trade for