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Nerf World Order

Stefan Darts

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1. 1/2 in foam backer rod
2. BB's (or fishing weights)
3. Hot glue gun
4. Scissors (or exacto knife)

Step one:
Use your cutting utensil to cut a 1.5 inch piece of backer rod.
Step two:
Take your hot glue gun and useing the point of the gun make two holes in the top and the bottom of the backer rod.
Step three:
Place a BB in the top hole of the backer rod and fill it with glue.
Step four:
Lick your finger and smooth the glue to a flat top.
Done, you have finished making a stefan dart. At an average of .2$ per dart these are very cost efficent.Plus they achieve much better distance than regular stock nerf micros.Enjoy!