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Nerf World Order

Comm Link II

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Comm Link II


Introduction: This was the first and only walkie-talkie gun. Obviosley, these are very bulky for single shot pistols. Another first for Nerf was the dual pack, which at 29.99 was also the most expensive nerf gun ever.
Appearence: The bright colors are kind of ehh, i think that with the walkie talkie gimmick it would have been cool to have a darker color scheme. The lines on this gun aren't too good either, it just adds to the awful color scheme. The long receptor doesn't help either. 2/10
Ammo holster/Capacity: This gun fires one shot and has spots for 2 extra megas. Not all that bad for a single shot pistol i guess. 7/10
Gimmick/Design: Even thought the walkie talkie isn't the clearest one out there i've still got to give the designers an A for effort. The idea of a walkie talkie inside of a nerf gun is not only practical but extremley cool. 10/10
Accuracy: The weight and sheer bulk of the pistol really make it hard to aim the gun correctly. Obviosley this means the accuracy suffers the most. 4/10
Performance: Range is not a thing that this gun is known for. When (on a good day) 20 feet is good then you KNOW this isn't the best gun range wise out there. In its defense, this is a relitivley reliable gun. No known defects have been reported. 4/10
Usefullness: If you're out to just have a decent little time, then this is these are for you. If you want to be in a competitive war, then id avoid these at all costs. 5/10
Overall: As stated before this isn't the best gun for a serious nerf war. If you're a collector or someone who enjoys the simplicity of nerf then this is a gun you MUST have. The Comm links are the only gun to ever incorporate walkie talkies into the actual gun. 5/10

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