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Nerf World Order


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Written by Black Scout (aka Josh)

Sniping.  You either love it or you hate it.  While a lot of experienced nerfers say that sniping is for newbies, or that it is useless, I say when used properly it can be a key part to any Nerf war.  In some cases I would go as far as to say that it can make or break a war. 
A lot of you reading this are saying yeah right.  I can do more damage running around than a sniper can sitting on his ass in some remote place no one will actually be.  This may be the case.  Sometimes you need to forget the whole sniping thing and just go out guns-a-blazing.  But in the proper war, as long as it is done properly, sniping is key.
I realize that a lot of newbies are captivated by the idea of being stealthy and silent.  They love the idea of being the silent assassin.  While this all sounds great, its not completely accurate.  A lot of times a sniper simply plays the role of the sharpshooter.  He stays back and provides accurate continuous cover fire for the advancing troops.  He usually doesnt get a lot of people out, but instead, keeps them from advancing and keeps them behind bunkers.  Not very glorious but it does get the job done.
The snipers position is key.  He is never in the middle of things.  He is always hiding in positions along heavily used trails, walks, bridges or anything that people will be concentrated in a small area with very few places to run or hide.  Once youre in your position, set up shop.  Make yourself comfortable because youre going to be there a while.  Sit in a position so that nothing will fall asleep but you can still aim properly.  Dont get impatient and move.  Just wait.  Try not to make any noise while sitting there, even if theres no one around.
Relocating is another thing that snipers should always be doing.  Relocating is the act of changing sniping positions so that the enemy doesnt know where you are.  For instance, if youre in a bush next to a bridge and some unsuspecting enemy happens across your path and you nail him, dont hang around.  Move your ass.  Get over to the other side, or get in a tree.  Just get anywhere but where you were.
Carry enough fire power.  A lot of snipers think that they only need a rifle.  Ill get him out on the first shot is what I hear a countless number of time from dumb shit people who want to snipe.  My reaction to that is: Youre not sniping.  If youre a sniper, not only should you carry youre main sniping weapon, but you should provide yourself with some backup.  Why you ask?  What if a group of people happen across your path?  After you shoot the first one every other enemy in that group will know where you are.  So you better have at least a long range pistol on hand to wreak some havoc before you get out.