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Nerf World Order

Vortex Tornado

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Vortex Tornado


Introduction to gun:  When i first say this gun i expected exacly what i got. A great feel and great distance.
Appearence: This gun loooks really cool. The sight makes it look really cool. If you look past the purple/yellow paintjob this gun is actually pretty cool. 6/10
Ammo holster/capacity: You can hold 4 rings on the bottom of the gun, the holster holds the rings very well as you are running. 8/10
Gimmick Design: On the box this gun says "Reaches 60 ft!", it achieves that and about 10ft more. 7/10
Accuracy: Pinpoint accuracy for very far distances. 10/10
Performance: This gun gets ranges of 70-80ft which is fantastic for a stock spring gun. The reload time isnt very good though becuase you have to pull the slide back and place the ring just right on the barell. 10/10
Usefullness:  Relitivley useful gun, for indoor wars this thing is a monster. But outdoors just a slight amoutn of wind seems to curve the rings. Plus it fires rings so you'll be out earley in a regular nerf war. 6/10
Overall: This is a really great gun, the whole feel is very sweet. I would recomend this gun for anyone. 9/10

Koosh Vortex Rings