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Nerf World Order


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Introduction to gun: This gun was made more than a decade ago. Usually when people think of nerf, they think of the Ballzooka.

Appearence: This gun is really cool looking. The 5 barells really add alot to it. This gun is very detailed and the color cordination is perfect. 8/10

Ammo holster/capacity: 15 balls, nuff said. 8/10

Gimmick/Design: This gun can shoot 15 balls in under 10 seconds. Its got a real smooth firing motion which makes it perfect for younger kids. 8/10

Accuracy: The accuracy is horrible, this may be the most inacurate gun ever. The Ballzooka is designed for close combat so the bad accuracy doesnt effect it that bad. 4/10

Performace: This gun gets pretty bad range. The range is below 20ft usually. As i said before its a close combat gun so that doesnt't matter all that much. This gun is very, very fragile as well. The handle pops out if you push/pull to hard. But, if your in close area there is not way you can use, this gun dominates in close combat wars. 7/10

Usefullness: This is a ball gun, so unless your having a ball gun this isn't the best gun to use. Stick to an RF20 or Powercilp. 6/10

Overall:This is a very fun gun. This is probably the best gun ever so we gotta give it a good score. 8/10


Ballistic Balls