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Nerf World Order


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Introduction to gun: This was the first ever fully automatic Nerf gun. This is a very fun gun to shoot and is also very useful in a nerf war.
Appearence: The Blue/Red flames do alot for the appearence. The whole shape of the gun is perfect for a big, loud gun. The Wildfire is also the one and only gun to incorporate a strap. 8/10
Ammo holster/capacity: This gun can hold 20 guns in its barells. Thats more than enough that you'll need in most nerf wars. 8/10
Gimmick/Design: This gun is very cool. As i stated before it was the first gun to fire 20 darts automatically. This gun has a great appeal to every nerfer. 8/10
Accuracy: This gun has terrible accuracy. It makes up for it by firing 20 darts automatically. 5/10
Performance: The ranges of this gun aren't great, but its not ment for long distance. This gun does have great spread which is perfect for the style of this gun. 7/10
Usefullness: This gun is a must have for any Nerf war. No matter what you've always got to have one of these on your team. 10/10
Overall: This is an awesome gun, but it does have som flaws. It does tend to jam at times and the accuracy isnt very good. The newer Rapid Fire 20 is great upgrade. Still this is a solid gun. 8/10

Micro Darts