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Batman Gun

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Batman Gun

This gun is for Sale/Trade in the MarketPlace.


Introduction to gun: This is the extremley rare Batman gun. No its not a nerf copycat it is a nerf gun, it was made by Tonka in 1994. I am the first person to document this gun so this review is exclusive.
Appearence: I really like the look of this gun, to me its perfect to fit the type of gun it is. 8/10
Ammo holster/capacity: This gun can hold 2 darts and 1 in the barell. The holster is right next to the barell to the reload time is very good.  7/10
Gimmick/design: This gun has a special light, it is not only a light but it shows the batman logo! Awesome!! You can also adjust the focus of the light.  9/10
Accuracy: Close distance this gun is very good, its practically perfect under 15 feet. After that the shot just dips down. 6/10
Performance: The range of this gun is very good, it just as good if not better than the two other light mega guns (Eagle Eye, Laser Fang) i got ranges of an average of 35-40 which is very good for a mega firing pistol. Plus it has the straight cocking mechanism which makes it soo much easier to cock than the eagle eye. The plunger kinda sounds week but the range startles you. 7/10
Usefullness: For a single shot spring gun this isnt your best bet. If youd want a pistol stick to a Lock And Load or a Tech Target, but if you want a big spring gun go for a Crossbow or a Big Bad Bow. 5/10
Overall: I really like this gun, its very fun to shoot. The light adds alot to it, plus the range is suprising. All in all a really good gun, very durable and very fun. 7/10

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