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Nerf World Order

Lock And Load

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Lock And Load


Introduction to gun: The Nerf Lock and Load is arguably the greatest Nerf Pistols ever made. I think thats enough of an introduction.
Appearence: The Lock and Load is full of Bright colors that nerf is known for. Aside from that the Nerf Lock and Load has a sleek, cool style. With a new paintjob this gun can look very cool. 5/10
Ammo holster/capacity: The Nerf Lock and Load comes with a ammo holster that holds 2 darts. Add that to the single shot and thats plenty of ammo you should need. 8/10
Gimmick/Design: Stock the Nerf Lock and Load has a yellow slider which can get annoying and messes up the steadiness. Remove that and you've got a PERFECT nerf pistol. 6/10
Accuracy: The accuracy of this gun is very good for a pistol. Once you remove the slider the accuracy jumps up and is fantastic for its size. From far ranges it tends to curve just a bit. 8/10
Performance: Unmodified this gun gets amazing ranges for such a small gun. Once you mod this gun it turns into a little beast. I've got ranges of 70-80's with PVC mods. 10/10
Usefullness: Are you kidding me? This gun is a MUST for any nerfers arsenal as it is perfect for outdoor, indoor or any other type of war. 10/10
Overall: The Nerf Lock and Load is a complete package. Its the idea Nerf pistol. Its got a great size, feel and gets suprising ranges. 10/10

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