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Nerf World Order


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Introduction to gun: This was one of Nerfs First great guns. Its a VERY powerful gun and to this do is a favorite for all Nerfers.
Appearence: This gun has a great look to it. Very powerful and great looking. The black and navy blue shell are fantastic for this type of gun. The only complaint i have about this is the bright Red barells. 7/10
Ammo holster/Capacity: This gun can shoot 5 arrows/darts in a matter of seconds. The reload time isnt bad for such a big gun. The 6 shots make up for the lack of ammo holster. 8/10
Gimmick/Design: This gun is a great example of when Nerf has an idea and accomplishes it. The gatling idea is SUCH a great idea and is perfect for Nerfers. Every once in awhile though the gun todes tend to jam, lube fixes that right up. 8/10
Accuracy: If this gun has one flaw this is it. The accuracy of this gun is very poor. What can we expect though? Its a manual firing gun. 6/10
Performance: This gun gets GREAT ranges on all 6 shots. The range and speed of the shots is perfect for any style of nerfer. 10/10
Usefullness: Some say the Manual firing technique is outdated. I say that its an advantage because the ROF is greatley increased. More than a decade later this gun is still one of the best and is a MUST have for a serious nerfer. 10/10
Overall: This gun is still one of the most covoted guns avaliable. As the avaliability of these decrease the value increases. Everyone should have one of these babies in their arsenal. 8/10