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Nerf World Order

Triple Strike

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Triple Strike


Introduction to gun: This gun was the first gun to ever be able to fire 3 darts all at once. This gun fires arrows so you know it packs a punch.
Appearence: Lets face it, this thing looks like shit. Its basically a bunch of different colors packed onto a bulky yet small frame. Ehhhh.... 3/10
Ammo holsters/capacity: This gun can shoot 3 arrows at once and also has 2 ammo holsters right above each barell. This would be perfect for a gun that needed only several pumps...7/10
Gimmick/Design: This gun was built to fire 3 arrows in record speed. The only bad thing about this is that you need on average 20-25 pumps. Great idea, but the pump scheme just kills it. 7/10
Accuracy: For an arrow gun this baby is pretty accurate. From about 45-50 feet away you can hit targets dead on. Very good for a 3 shot gun. 8/10
Performance: Like all arrow guns this thing gets amazing ranges. After proper modification this thing is a BEAST. The 3 darts get great spread for nailing a running enemy. 9/10
Usefullness: This thing does have great accuracy and range, but 25 pumps is a ton for a 3 shot gun. By the time youve got the proper pumps youll already be dead. If you want to use this, stick to sniping. 7/10
Overall: This is a very good gun, good range and a unique design. The gun is relitivley fragile to be careful. 7/10