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Nerf World Order

Nite Finder Mod

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Nite Finder Mod

Ok, this mod will turn your stocker, into a rocker. For this mod you'll need some basic stuff.
- 4 to 5 in of 1/2 cpvc
-Phillips Head screwdriver\
-epoxy or plumbers goop
-hot glue
Optional Materials: electrical tape, two pieces of 2 in cpvc, apropriate sized drill bit, a drill.
Open the gun up making sure not to lose anything.


Remove the stock barrel and air restrictor. Then, taking some epoxy or plumbers goop glue the plunger tube cap into the plunger tube wait for it to dry.


This, is the plunger tube cap glued in place. Take your 4 or 5 inches of cpvc and glue it onto the inner circle. Sand the inside of the barrel to get it to fit.


It should look like this when your done. The only exception being that it will be cpvc, not a cardboard stand in. Wait for it to dry, and close the gun up.


I thought mine looked a little plain, and needed something. The other thing I noticed was while it had the two ammo holders, it wasn't enough. I drilled two holes in the grip end cap and hot glued two 2 in pieces of cpvc in place. I also added a mock silencer. You should be able to figure that out.


Todays mod was brought to you by;
Dan Wask ! Hes from Maryland Hon...