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Nerf World Order

Lightnin Blitz Mod

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Lightning Blitz Mod

Stuff you will need:
1. Lightning Blitz
2. Hot Glue Gun, hot glue
3. Hack Saw
4. Barell Material
5. Screwdriver


This is the Nerf Lightning Blitz. Stock its a good gun, but it is very good once modded. The gun has alot of stock potential which is always good. The mod is very simple so everyone should be able to do it.


Unscrew the gun and this is what it should look like. There is one screw on the opposite side by the Airjet logo. The innards are very similar to the Secret Shot 2 only it seperates to five barells.


The stock barells are pretty easy to remove. They create a perfect slot for other barells. Plug the hole in the pump to make more air go in the air chamber.


Cut 5 barells at about 5-7 inches each. Try to sand down the ends a little bit with some sandpaper. PVC, CPVC, PETG, Brass, Copper, Crayola and most any barell type would work.



Place a bit of glue on the bottom of the barell and some around the outside. Wrape a thin layer of tape around the bottom of the barell to make it sturdy. Also, get a larger piece of PVC and place it down the middle of the barell mechanism, this makes the gun steady.


Put the internals back in and screw the gun up. You now have a modified Lightning Blitz. I got ranges of 50-70 with about 10 pumps. The spread is incredible which would idealy be a great gun for clearing areas out. I added a marker cap to the stock ammo holster so it can hold a few stefans. After the mod and a bit of cosmetic surgery this is a nice little gun.