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Nerf World Order

Secret Shot 2

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Secret Shot 2


Introduction to gun: This is the sequel to the original Secret shot so i had some expectations. This was also a part of the Airjet series so even more expectations where lied on it.
Appearence: This gun doesnt look to fantastic, but it doesnt look that horrible. 7/10
Ammo holster/capacity: This gun fires 1 dart and also has one in the "secret" barell. In addition to that its got 2 holsters right next to the barell. Not bad..8/10
Gimmick/Design: This thing is supposed to have a secret barell on top. Its actually not all that bad. The range and accuracy of its shot is reduced but its still an extra shot.The gun does tend to leak often, which can get to be a problem. 6/10
Accuracy: Compared to another pump gun like the Supermaxx 750 this range is subpar. Its also not as good as the lock and load. But, the accuracy is still pretty decent and the gun is pretty easy to steady. 7/10
Performance: The range on this thing is amazing, the best for any pistol ever made. With 5 pumps this thing is PERFECT. 10/10
Usefullness: The Secret Shot 2 is very useful in any type of war situation. 9/10
Overall: This is arguably the best pistol ever made. With the great range, size and feel this is an idea Nerf pistol. 8/10

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