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Nerf World Order


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Introduction to gun: This gun has a very cool cocking style. One that will probably never be done again. This is arguably the best gun out of the cyber strike series.
Appearence: This gun has pretty decent colors and has a great feel to it. The 4 barells and hand shield are cool as well. 8/10
Ammo holsters/capacity: This gun can shoot 4 darts and if you've got the shield you can hold an additional 4 darts. 10/10
Gimmick/Design: As i said before this is a one of a kind gun and its style is very cool. Nerf did a great job of putting this whole package together. 9/10
Accuracy: Accuracy on this gun is decent. Its not good, but not horrible. When you've got 4 darts you can afford to have sub-par accuracy. 6/10
Performance: This gun gets below average ranges for a 4 shot gun. Ranges are the one thing this gun could improve on. 5/10
Usefullness: With a simple mod this thing can be very good. This is a prototype for indoor guns. This is one of the more complete spring guns out there. 8/10
Overall: Aside from the range this thing is a great gun. Perfect for any type of indoor wars. This gun would be a great addition to any Nerfers arsenal. 8/10

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