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Nerf World Order

Switch Shots Max

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Switch Shots Max


Introduction to gun: This thing is apart of the switch shots series. Its got the ability to fire water and darts. I bought mine for a very cheap price so i figured why not give it a try. Boy was i glad i did.
Appearence: Much like most of Nerfs guns the majoirty of its colors are yellow and orange. The cool silver strips redeem it a little bit. 6/10
Ammo holster/capacity: This thing can shoot 4 darts semi automatically with NO MANUAL ROTATION. The 4 shots are plenty for a gun like this. 7/10
Gimmick/Design: This thing was designed to fire water and darts. Nerf did a brilliant job of perfectly blending the two. All you have to do is switch them and the gun switches for you.In addition to that the 4 barells automatically rotate so you dont have to worrow about roatating them yourself. 10/10
Accuracy: For a big, 4 shot air gun this thing gets good accuracy. With stock micros i hit almost dead on my target from 80+ feet away. 9/10
Performance:With megas or even with a simple marker mod this thing is awesome. Its already eclipsed my modded sm1500 and at2000 and i havent even plugged the pump or removed the poles. 9/10
Usefullness: This thing is arguably better than the other 4 shot air guns. And we know how usefull those are. 9/10
Overall: Arguably the most underrated gun of all time, the switch shots max is a devestating gun. If you ever find one of these BUY IT. 9/10

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