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Nerf World Order

Mad Hornet

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Mad Hornet


Introduction to gun: This gun is very interesting. Its got 6 micro darts, all can be fired with about 12 pumps under 5 seconds. This thing seems like its a great blaster.
Appearence: The Mad Hornet has a very great look to it. The large "Air Tank" and stinger pump add alot to the gun. The color scheme of yellow and black is very cool as well. 9/10
Ammo holster/capacity: This gun can shoot 6 darts in under 6 seconds. That is very good, but it also means you'll be out of darts fast. A ammo holster could do a little. 7/10
Gimmick/Design: This was designed very well by Nerf. With about 12 pumps you can fire all the darts whenever you want. The air tank doesnt let the air out so you can wait a while after each shot. Nerf did a fantastic job of designing this. 10/10
Accuracy: Due to this guns very weak range this guns accruacy is very horrible. Its hard to hit anything from more than 15ft away. Ouch. 2/10
Performance: You would think this gun would get great ranges, but it doesnt. On a good day you'll get 30ft. Thats it though.Luckaly this thing is pretty durable. 5/10
Usefullness: Due to the lack of range and accuracy this thing isn't very usefull. IM sure with some proper modification this thing could be decent. 5/10
Overall: As stated before the range and accuracy on this gun aren't there. That makes the gun very hard to use. Still the design and look of this gun is good. Its got some potential so i wasn't too harsh on the rating. 6/10

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