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Nerf World Order

Tech Target

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Tech Target

This gun has a modification tutorial.


Introduction to gun: When Nerf released this gun along with the other guns in the line some people were skeptical of it and the others. I was one who was positave about it.
Appearence: This gun doesnt look very great. Nerf went away from the bright colors and for some reason went to dull, ugly colors. 4/10
Ammo holster/capacity: This gun can fire 1 dart and has a holster for 2 additional ones.The ammo holster does seem to work better than others similar to it. 7/10
Gimmick/Design: Nerf wanted to try something relativley new with this one. What they did was include darts that were slightly harder with a target that would contain several shooting games. It was actually a very good concept. The target may have some flaws but the gun more than makes up for it. 9/10
Accuracy: This gun doesn't sound like its too accurate but it is pretty accurate. Lucky for Nerf because if this thing was horribly inaccurate the whole concept would be ruined. 7/10
Performance: This gun gets amazing ranges for an unmodded spring pistol. In addition to the good range there are no major flaws with the design. 8/10
Usefullness: Just like the Lock n' load and other spring guns this gun is a must have for any type of war. 9/10
Overall: This gun alone may be credited for saving Nerf. Its a complete package thats great for all ages. 8/10

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