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Nerf World Order

Secret Strike Pocket Blaster

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Secret Strike Pocket Blaster


Introduction to gun: When i first saw this thing i thought it would be a little piece of junk. Boy was I and many people wrong. This gun is a gem.
Appearence: This gun doesn't have much going on. There have been 7 (if you include the sonic editions) different versions, so you've got alot to choose from. 7/10
Ammo holster/capacity: For a pocket blaster 1 shot is all you need. With the sonic edition there are 2 ammo holsers though. 7/10
Gimmick/Design: This gun is a great little package. Small, compact and gets decent range for such a tiny gun. 8/10
Accuracy: This gun doesnt have the greatest accuracy. But for under 15ft its not all that bad. 6/10
Performance: As i said before this little thing packs a punch. The sonic edition one gets ranges of nearly 45 feet while the others get slightly less. The only way its possible to break this gun is to over-pump it. 6/10
Usefullness: Whether your mounting it to the side of your gun or you are just using it as a last second shot this gun is very valuable. 9/10
Overall: All in all this is a nice little gun. For its price everyone should have atleast 2 of these. 7/10

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