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Nerf World Order

SuperMAXX 5000

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SuperMAXX 5000


Introduction to gun: This is the biggest blaster in the SuperMAXX series. Its got the ability to fire 3 different types of ammo, but thats not what makes it awesome.
Appearence: Much like many other of the SuperMAXX gun this gun has a ton of colors and not much flow to it. This gun does look like a huge sniper rifle, so that redeems it a little. 7/10
Gun holster/capacity: This gun can hold every single type of its ammo. Its little holsters on the top are always snug. 10/10
Gimmick/Design: This gun was ment to fire 3 kinds of ammo. All of them expect the ball attachment work pretty well. If you do a simple mod to this gun its true fire can be unleashed. 8/10
Accuracy: This isn't the most accurate gun stock, infact its not accurate at all. What can you expect when it fires balls and arrows? Modified though accuracy is increased.  7/10
Performance: After a simple mod this thing is VERY good. Its the most powerful air gun and is the idea sniper rifle. 9/10
Usefullness: As stated before this is an awesome nerf gun. This is a snipers dream. 10/10
Overall: Once you get rid of the attachments this gun is amazing. This is arguably the greatest Nerf gun ever made. If you get a chance to get one of these you should definitley get it. 10/10

Ballistic Balls


Larami (SuperMAXX) darts