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Nerf World Order

Double Crossbow

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Double Crossbow


Introduction to gun: This gun's name sounds like its gonna be an awesome gun. Unfortunatley Nerf got lazy and decided to give this gun a simple design.
Appearence: Both versions of this gun have pretty bad colors. This gun is very small which doesn't add anything to it. 4/10
Ammo holster/capacity: The Double X-bow shoots 2 missiles in rapid suscession and has 2 missile holders on the side of the bows. 7/10
Gimmick/Design: This gun is an extremley simple design. As i said before Nerf didn't really try with this gun. Its sad because the gun isn't that bad, its just got a name that you would expect more out of. 5/10
Accuracy: Just like a typical missle shooter this gun gets pretty bad accuracy. Even close ranges its hard to hit your target. 4/10
Performance: The Double X-bow does get really great ranges. For such a small gun and with very little momentum the ranges is fantastic. This gun cant break which is another great thing. 7/10
Usefullness: After modification this gun is a great indoor shotgun, but outdoors this gun is worthless. 6/10
Overall: Decent gun, but doesn't relitivley live up to its hype. This gun isn't all that bad for its size. But it could be better. 5/10