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Nerf World Order


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Introduction to gun:This gun looks weak. Its relativley small size and small weight dont give us a great first impression.
Appearence: The colors aren't as bad as some of the other Max Force guns. The weired green and brown actually tie in good together. 7/10
Ammo holster/capacity: This gun can shoot 4 darts in rapid succession. 4 darts is great for such a small, lightweight gun. It makes up for no ammo holster. 7/10
Gimmick/Design: This gun is supposed to just pop the darts out of nowhere, just like a real rattler. The relativeley simple design reduces the number of breaks. 8/10
Accuracy: This gun isn't very accurate. Mainly because you have to jerk the gun up and down to cock and shoot it. 5/10
Performance: Range is decent on this gun. Its OK for a 4 shoot gun thats so light weight. 6/10
Usefullness: This gun would be great for nerf wars. Unfortunatley for the Rattler a gun called the RatchetBlast came around. It fixed all its flaws and has pushed the Rattler aside. 5/10
Overall: This is a decent gun. For its small size its pretty good. But the Ratchetblast has put this gun out of use. 6/10

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