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Nerf World Order

SuperMAXX 3000 Green

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SuperMAXX 3000 Green


Introduction to gun: This was the second version of the SuperMAXX 3000. This one is the cleaned up version of the yellow edition. If this gun performs like the Yellow edition ill be happy.
Appearence: Once again this gun has almost no color cordination. The green is an upgrade from the yellow, but its still not great.  5/10
Gun holster/capacity: Exacly like the yellow this thing fires 6 darts in rapid sucession. Once again an ammo holster isn't necesarily needed. 8/10
Gimmick/Design: This gun is basically just a re-packaged version of the yellow. Its slightly less powerful and does ocasionally get a leak. 6/10
Accuracy: For an 8 shot big gun like this its accruacy is phenomenal. This is such a great trait this gun has. 8/10
Performance: Range is slightly lower than the yellow. This gun does occasionally leak. 7/10
Usefullness: This gun is a great overall gun, its ideal for a war. Nerf also converted its ammo type to Micros which is much better for an average war than larami darts. 8/10
Overall: This is a good gun. A great example fo what Nerf does when it re-packaged up old guns. 7/10

Micro Dart