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Nerf World Order

Ghostbusters Blaster

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Ghostbusters Blaster


Introduction to gun: This was the first ever foam shooting gun. It was made after the awesome Ghostbusters movie in 1984. Don't expect much out of this.
Appearence: This gun doesnt look great. Its not all that bad though. Colors are decent and the placment of the logo is decent. 4/10
Ammo holster/Capacity: The Ghostbusters blaster does hold 6 shots and has 1 in the barell. If anything is good about this gun, this is it. 8/10
Gimmick/Design: This thing was made in the 80's so we cant give it THAT bad of a grade. Still, all there is is a big handle and it pushes air out. Basically the faster you push the farther the blcok goes. 3/10
Accuracy: This gun has not accuracy. Once the block flys out it sems to go everywhere. 1/10
Performance: Bad range, but cant expect much when this thing doesnt have real insides. 2/10
Usefullness: Ehh,  combine teh bad accuracy, range and its ammo and you've got a worthless gun. 2/10
Overall: The first Foam shooting gun ever made. It wasn't great but it must have sold well enough to give the impression that these things had a future. 3/10