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Nerf World Order

Imperial Blaster (WCLP)

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Imperial Blaster (WCLP)


Introduction to gun: After reading Yakmans mod my brother went out and bought one of these. The cool clip system and not bad range give it some potential.
Appearence: There are many different versions of the gun. Colors, shell form and everything there are tons of different versions. Even if this gun still looks like a big wad of mangled plastic. 4/10
Ammo holster/capacity: The clips can shoot 5 of its dollar darts (as i like to call them). Its got 2 clips which is great for a medium sized pistol. 8/10
Gimmick/Design: usually dollar store guns are pieces of crap that aren't worth didly. This gun is one exception. Imperial (or whoever made it) did a fantastic job of designing it. The clip system is similar to what Nerf did in teh Sawtooth and Electric Eel only in pistol form. 8/10
Accuracy: For a gun that fires dollar darts the accuracy is pretty good. Considering it has a clip system, range isn't all that bad. 7/10
Performance: Range is about 25-35 ft. Thats not good, but when you have 5 shoots thats not horrible. In addition to this the gun is fairly reliable. 6/10
Usefullness: This gun fires dollar darts, and i bet you'd be the only person whod use those in a war. Unless you mod this, its not the most practical gun. 5/10
Overall: This will go down as the greatest Dollar Store gun of all time. Its actually not all that bad of a gun. Plus its cheap and is in every store you go to. 7/10