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Naboo Blaster

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Naboo Blaster


Introduction to gun: THis gun is one of many star wars guns. This gun is also relitivley rare. My brother picked it up at a Dollar store in Nebraska a while back. It shots micro darts and is relativley small. I did't have a clue about this gun before i got it.
Appearence: Compared to the Jango Fett Blasters this gun actually looks like the gun in the movie. The scopes and brow wood like color add a realness factor to it. 7/10
Ammo holster/capcity: This gun shoots 1 dart at a time and can hold 2 on its poles. They aren't the greatest holders, they tend to fall off if you run or jump. 6/10
Gimmick/Design: This gun was designed to look like the gun in the movie. It does look alot like that. One weired thing about this gun is that it has no trigger. It just looks like it has a trigger there. It actually has a button which you press to shoot the gun. Im not sure why they would do this. 5/10
Accuracy: This gun is actually pretty accurate. Considering the fact that its so small and its pretty hard to hold the accuracy is great. 7/10
Performance: Range is decent for this a small pistol. I can tell by cocking it that this thing has a pretty big spring. I haven't come across any problems yet. 8/10
Usefullness: For a pistol this gun wouldn't be to useful because of its range. But this would be an awesome pocket blaster though. 6/10
Overall: Not a bad gun. Its got decent range and accuracy for its small size. Its design is sort of strange though. 6/10

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