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Introduction to gun: This is yet another one of the Max Force guns. But, as a double shot spring gun i felt it had potential. We will see.
Appearence: This is actually a pretty cool looking gun. The tusks are VERY cool and play along with the animal gimmick. 7/10
Ammo holster/Capacity: For the size of this gun 2 shots is very good. Off the top of my head i cant thing of another spring pistol that fires 2 shots at the same time. Plus there are two holes in the handle were you can hold 2 additional darts. Very nice. 10/10
Gimmick/Design: As has said many times before, this is one of the only 2 shot spring guns. Obviosley Nerf did a very fantastic job in packing such alot in such a small gun. 8/10
Accuracy: What can you do? This gun isn't very accurate at all. Fortunatley though, it makes up for it with the 2 shots. 4/10
Performance: Like the accuracy, the range on this gun isn't very great. Making out at 35 ft this won't be anybodys sniper rifle. 4/10
Usefullness: For a 2 shot spring powered pistol this gun could potentiall be very useful. With a few simple mods im sure this could be one great little gun. 6/10
Overall: Overall this is very underrated gun. Just because newer guns such as the Tech Target and Lock and Load have overshadowed. This is a nice little package in a cool little gun. 7/10

Micro Darts