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Nerf World Order

Eagle Eye

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Eagle Eye


Introduction to gun: The cool laser light design was a hit for Nerf. The Eagle Eye's laser light design has been re-made in some way 3 times. This gun also was nerf's best seller. Obviosley the entire design of the gun was very good, arguably Nerfs greatest ever.
Appearence: This gun looks pretty good. For a pistol it is fairly large though. On the other hand the cool navy and grey color scheme is pretty nice. The Eagle-like appearence is fantastic aswell. 8/10
Ammo holster/capacity: This gun has spots for 2 extra darts. Thats good for a 1 shot pistol. One bad thing about this gun is that its very bulky for a pistol. The 1 shot isn't enough for its size. 6/10
Gimmick/Design: As stated before this gun is very solidly built. The cool light is very neat and great for night-time wars. The light does actually sneak out in various cracks in the gun, but its nothing a little electric tape can't fix. The solid cocking design was new at the time and some say it is more reliable than the average cocking style. 10/10
Accuracy: The accuracy is actually fairly good on this gun. In close ranges it actually shoots right on the light. Unfortunatley though, after a few feet accuracy drops drastically. 6/10
Performance: As stated before range on this gun is sub-par. Max range is about 15-25 ft. Fortunatley though, after an easy marker mod ranges skyrocket. 7/10
Usefullness: Facts are facts, this gun isn't the most useful gun. It too big to be a pistol and ranges aren't good enough to be a rifle. Fortunatley though it redeems itself a little bit during night wars. 7/10
Overall: This is a good, well built gun. Obviolsey newer pistols have replaced this gun. But, if your just looking to have fun this is the gun for you. 8/10

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