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Nerf World Order


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Introduction to gun: This gun is very huge for a pistol. The flimsy expansion pieces make me confused, along with alot of the other things of the gun. This gun does have potential though.
Appearence: The Green shade isn't actually that bad. The cool but worthless sight adds alot. Once the extensions are out this thing looks Mp5ish. Very cool. 9/10
Gun holster/capacity: The EAB has 1 shot and 3 slots for extra ammo. Thats not very good for a large gun like the EAB. The 3 spots do the gun good though. 4/10
Gimmick/Design: Nerf designed this to be an expanding blaster. A barell, stock and handle all pop out once the black handle is pulled down. I personally think this is very cool and is one-of-a-kind for a Nerf blaster. 8/10
Accuracy: The expanded barell kills the accuracy. The darts are very unpredictable and tend to go everywhere. 4/10
Performance: Stock, this gun is pathetic. 15-25 ft is the maximum range. Thats just pathetic for a gun that big. 3/10
Usefullness: Obviousley this gun is crap stock. But if you put a little time into modding it this gun can actually be a pretty useful gun.This can be a valuable rifle type gun. 8/10
Overall: Beyond the cool expanding style this gun is pretty bad. Don't dismiss this gun though. Because after mods this thing is fantastic. 6/10

Mega Darts