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Nerf World Order

Lightning Blitz

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Lightning Blitz

This gun has a modification tutorial.


Introduction to gun: The other pistols in the in the Airjet series were amazing. This one was a little different, but the expectations were the same.
Appearence: Nerf ditched the bright colors and went futuristic with this one. Very nice color scheme. 8/10
Ammo holster/capacity: This thing shoots 6 micro darts thats amazing for a pistol type gun. There arent any real ammo holsters, but there isn't really a need for them. 8/10
Design/Gimmick: This gun's internals are exactly the same as the Secret Shot 2 only it spreads out into 6 shots. 7/10
Accuracy: This isn't the most accurate gun. Its not really ment to be anyways. This gun is supposed to have a great spread. 6/10
Performance: This gun gets very good range for a 6 shot gun. Its spread is incredible as well. If you fire anywhere near the enemy you're always gonna hit them. 8/10
Usefullness: This gun isn't the most useful gun ever, but is good for just one shot. Because you have to fire all 6 its not always the best option. 5/10
Overall: This is a very great gun. Its got the total package, but may not be the most useful gun. 7/10

Micro Darts