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Nite Finder

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Nite Finder

This gun has a modification tutorial


Introduction to gun: This gun is yet another re-make of the Nerf Eagle Eye. This is a very good gun and looks just like it performs.
Appearence: The bright colors returned as this gun doesnt look to great. The cool grip and slick looking ammo holsters boost it a little bit. 5/10
Ammo holster/capacity: This gun has 1 shot and can hold 2 additional darts below the barell. For a small spring shooting gun thats more than plenty. 9/10
Gimmick/Design: The red laser light on this gun is very, very cool. Instead of just a white light like the other 3 light guns Nerf converted this into a laser. Very cool. 8/10
Accuracy: Amazingly enough the red light is pretty accurate. Its nearly dead on to about 25-30 ft. Behond the the dart starts to drop a little. 7/10
Performance: The gun sounds muffled in the inside, but i dont think it effects the range that much. Ranges arent bad for such a small pistol. Could be better, but could be worse. 7/10
Usefullness: This is a great pistol for a newer nerfer. Very comfortable and very easy to shoot. This is an ideal pistol. 8/10
Overall: Nerf put out another great pistol as they are finally starting to realise what the fans want. This is a solid gun, and would be a great addition to anyones arsenal. 8/10

Micro Dart